Hi, I'm Bonnie. I am the owner of Plate Craft Catering - a modern catering company based in Oakland, CA. We focus on fresh, mostly-from-scratch, locally sourced menus. Here's a few things that are important at Plate Craft Catering:

Sourcing Locally and Buying from our Neighbors
We buy ingredients grown or made as close to our Oakland kitchen as possible. This includes working with four local bakeries, a local jam maker, a local pasta maker and a produce vendor who works with farms in Northern California. We aren’t perfect at sourcing in this way, but everyday we try to get darn close by cultivating relationships with local producers and changing our menus based on their offerings. 

We Make Stuff By Hand
Sauces, spreads, dips, dressings, roasted meats, pickles, cookies, bars and more are made fresh in our kitchen. If we don’t make it ourselves, we buy it from an Oakland neighbor.

Eating Seasonally
In-season food that is grown nearby will always taste the best and contribute the most to our local economy. No strawberries in winter. No pumpkin in summer. We use what our local farmers and local purveyors can successfully and sustainably grow.


Reducing Waste
The kitchen is an ecosystem. We consider the waste that will be produced throughout the process and focus on reducing waste as much as possible. We start with packaging considerations and advising our clients on how much to order. Within the kitchen, we pickle leftover veggies for The Antipasti Box, we turn our poaching liquids into chicken stock, our extra bread into breadcrumbs, and our doggies are ever grateful for the trimmings from our housemade roast beef, just to name a few ways we try to eliminate waste.

Making Good Lives for Our Staff
Higher than minimum wages, proper insurances +
worker protections, and a friendly, creative and
supportive work environment are promises we make to
all of our employees.